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Barbara Danielsen MA, LPC

QuickBooks Online

Certified ProAdvisor

Are you looking to secure business funding but don't have organized financial records and reports?

Have you been denied a business loan, business insurance, or mortgage because your business financial picture doesn’t qualify?

Have you been told you need to hire a bookkeeper because you don’t have a clear bookkeeping system in place?  I can solve that.


Business owners need a bookkeeper to put their financial records in order and provide reports so they can secure funding, purchase real estate, and acquire business insurance.  They need to know their larger cash flow picture in order to make good decisions and take their records to their tax preparer, loan officer, or insurer.  Many business owners start out doing this record keeping on their own, but they soon realize they need to hire a bookkeeper.


I put these financial records in order, using QuickBooks Online, and my clients have said I create order and clarity out of chaos and confusion.


Recent projects include:

  • Consulted with an independent Environmental Engineer to properly issue 1099s and categorize her invoices and travel reimbursements for tax planning and remittance.

  • Advised a medical practice client on migration to QuickBooks Online to support payroll and matching invoices with payments, while protecting patient records privacy required by HIPAA.

  • Advised a non-profit client on the structuring of donations and beneficiaries for the non-profit and the best way to structure the bookkeeping to properly support the non-profit.


How my expertise benefits your business:

  • Customized QuickBooks Online setup, training, and support

  • Monthly bookkeeping service, saving you time and money

  • Initial cleanup of this year or last year’s financial records

  • Categorize expenses properly to reduce taxes, IRS audits

  • Consulting on specific financial issues a company experiences

  • Preparing reports for the tax preparer

  • Advice for avoiding potential pitfalls

  • Streamline accounting processes

  • zoom sessions as often as needed to clarify issues in your books


For a no-cost consultation simply call, email, or schedule directly to my calendar today and let’s see what I can do for you.

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